Cam Greytown

Man,did you see the giant tsunami on page 17 wow talk about wetting your
pants(ha ha ha).I mean it was 1,720 feet high (thats roughly 600 metres for anyone who can't be bothered working it out).

After you have scanned the How Big is it? book select one or two things that you thought were really Wow and write a short paragraph about them including some wonderings. Copy and paste your Wow paragraphs in here.
Remember to put your name - school at the start of your piece of work (Heading 3).

Other Big things

This is an extra.
Ask your teacher for the Where's My Bulldozer? powerpoint. Now that is a big machine.

You might like to have a look at the file The World's Biggest Hole!
What other big things do you know about?


The Hiddenburgh what a giant 805 feet !!!, what a shame that it crashed
it would have been awesome to show up to school in that !

WOW those redwoods 115.2 metres high !!! wouldnt mind a couple of them outside
my house for a bit of privacy !!!

Emma Greytown School

Wow! This is big! A really big thing is the goliath bird eating spider. It is about 30 centimetres long which, for a spider, is pretty damn big! They are sometimes called, Theraphosa blondi, because they are 10 - 12 inches long! Fortunately, you only really get them in certain Rainforest's in South America, living in burrows and swamps. They can even eat small birds!

Dan Greytown

Holy heck, that huge mountain on mars is huge man thats scary

Robert (Carterton)

WOW!!! imagine being the pitcher on that 564 foot submarine! suddenly
something bursts up from under your feet that would be scary.

Sean (Hadlow)

Reticulated Python, pg 9.
Thats one really big python and cool patterns on its back.

Daniel (Hadlow)

Goliath Bird Eating Spider, Page 15
Man that is one big spider hope its not for dinner


giant squid, page 5.
I can't believe it's 16.8m long.

Kaden, Greytown

Dragonfly of the Carboniferous, page 21
I wouldnt want to be outside with that flying around.

Sophie. (Greytown)

Polar Bear, page 19.
The size of that polar bear compared to the basketball players, who are tall themselves, is unbelievable. I used to think they were cute but not anymore! It is 3.7 metres tall and double the size of a tiger. It can run up 40 km per hour and the largest polar bear weighed 1,002 kg.

Goliath Bird-eating Spider, page 15.
I nearly screamed when I turned the page to discover this. It is the size of a dinner plate, and a big dinner plate that is! It's 12 inches (30 centimetres) wide. I don't understand how it can eat a whole snake, they are way longer than this spider!!!

Tig, (Greytown)

Quetzalcoatlus northropi
Going to school would take half the time riding that BEEEEEAST!!
It would be like, Ok lef - AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Henry, Martinborough

Tsunami, page 17
that thing is absolutely massive but if i was there
i would try surfing that monster WOOT!!!!!!!!!

Ryan, Martinbourough

Dinosaur-killing Asteroid Pg. 27
Wow that rock is big imagine that on fire hurtling towards you

Lexi- Martinborough

Giant Squid – Architeusthis dux Pg 5
Wow! Imagine that giant squid right next to you, when you’re sitting on the beach. Think about that great eye just staring at you. Those 18 inch ‘eyes’ staring straight at you.
Dragonfly of the Carboniferous- Meganeura monyi

Although it was 300 million years ago, I am still disgusted at the size of that dragonfly. 70 centimetre bugs flying around your head gross! You would have to get a huuuuge can of bug spray to get rid of that.

Josie, Greytown

Wow! Imagine if someone gave you that 4,000km long diamond as an engagement ring. It is creepy that something that big can just be floating around in the sky. Its almost another planet!

Matthew, Greytown

Wow the ice age glacier is huge. Imagine bungee jumping off that!!! 3.2 kilometers thick thats massive.

That Tsunami is huge. Imagine surfing on it. 524 meters high that could take out new zealand