This is an overview of the work for Week Three. There are pages below where you can put your work.

What's the Big idea?

Week Three
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Big - Small
You will find work for each day this week on the Measuring our Bodies page.
How BIG is Big?
Use the layout in the How Big is It? book to help you set up your inquiry. Think about the information you need to have in an article.

Aotearoa / NZ examples
Now it is your turn to choose. During Weeks 3 and 4 you have to undertake a self directed inquiry around large and/or small features / animals / events in Aotearoa New Zealand. The should include information about distance, volume, size, speed or length. Compare with known things.
Look at the very, very, very big (huge, vast)
Look at the very, very, very small (tiny, microscopic)
Think about things like the giant squid, volcanic eruptions(look up Oruanui), giant insects, Haasts Eagle, the Moa, the Kiwi egg, plate tectonics, the Kauri, landslides (Green Lake), New Zealand's coastline, the Kakapo.
Powers of ten
Powers of 10
Continue your research
into very large numbers
Powers of 10 negative 1/2
Powers of 10 negative 3/4
Powers of 10 negative 5/6
The Pizza
If ... water droplet
If blood corpuscle
If .... rhino virus
If .... molecule