This is an overview of the work for Week One. There are pages below where you can put your work.

What's the Big idea?

Week One
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Big - Small
You will have completed your introductory questions and pasted them on the reflections page
Look at the One Km Walk page. Check out your homework in the first file.
Get all of your items ready
Download the second file and DO the One Km Walk. You might invite your teacher and others. Take photos or make a movie of your walk
How BIG is Big?
Have a browse of the How Big is it? book. Pick two subjects and write a Wow this was cool paragraph about them. Post them on the Wow, this is BIG page.
Read about Olympus Mons (7) and Valles Marineris (41). Make some notes. Look at other geographical features, Mt Everest, Grand Canyon, Mid Atlantic Ridge and compare.

Read about the airship (25). Measure out the length of the Hindenburg on the field. How big is a cubic metre?
Aotearoa / NZ examples

Look at the work you did yesterday from How big is it? Go to the page How big is NZ? , read the instructions and paste in your answers.

Powers of ten
Watch the movie Powers of Ten. Think about what you have seen. Make a note of your questions and wonderings. Post these on the Powers of ten page.
Explore the website What can you find out about numbers and measurement. Comments onthe Powers of ten page.
Investigate 10 to the zero using the grid on the right hand side of the website. Post your findings.
Explore 10 to the power of 1 and 10 to the power of 2
Introduce the Pizza
If ... universe
If .... Galaxy
If ... Solar system

Here is a really cool little animation that shows changes in size - from yocto to yottametres. Can you explain the difference?