This is an overview of the work for Week Four. There are pages below where you can put your work.

What's the Big idea?

Week Four
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Big - Small
Thinking about how small is small?
Explore Investigate small things. Your teacher has some pictures.
Write up an article about something small and paste into the Small Is ... page
How BIG is Big?
Use the layout in the How Big is It? book to help you set up your inquiry.

Aotearoa / NZ examples
Continue the work that you started in Week Three.
When you have finished save it as a file (Word, PowerPoint or pages and email it to Mr K ( ). Your teacher may collect all of the classes work and send it on a CD.
Powers of ten
Powers of ten - 7/8
Explore powers of ten looking at very large numbers. P 46/47 in How Big Book and P 74 Big Numbers.
Explore powers of ten looking at very small numbers. Big Numbers 84,86
Report back on your findings in a unique way that shows your wonderings, findings and comparisons. Post these.
The Pizza
If ... atom
Pizza wonderings

The final straight.

Congratulations on getting this far and thanks for all of the work you have put in, Just two things to go.

Go to Day 16 Reflections and complete the set of questions

The very last activity will be to post your reflections on the work you have done, what you have learned and what you think about doing it this way. Watch here for a link.