Week Three Day One

Let's find out about hearts. To start go to http://www.earthlife.net/mammals/blood.html
If blood is approximately 8% of your body weight, how many litres of blood (work out to within 0.25 of a litre) do you have in your body? Now how many red blood corpuscles do you have (read carefully)?
Write your answers here.
Henry Martinborough :I have 6 litres of blood , so that worked out to be that i have
27,000,000,000 red blood corpuscles ^_^

Lexi, Martinborough
I have 6 litres of blood, so that worked out to be that I have 26,400,000,000 red blood corpuscles.

Dan (4r]1$]3

I have 5.85 litres of blood so thats 26,325,000,000 Red Blood Cells

Ryan Martinborough
I have 5.875 litres of blood in my body,
And 26,415,000,000 Red blood cells.


I have 7.3 liters of blood.
About 27,432,000,000 blood cells.

Matthew, greytown

I have 4.375 liters of blood in my body,( I think?)
so that means that I have 19,687,500,000 red blood cells.

Emma, Greytown

70% of my body is water,
Every day hundreds of skin cells are shed,
there is 3.5 liters of blood in my body
and thousands of hairs on my head...
And 80% of my brain is water as well.

There is three point five liters of blood in my body because I weigh a little less - By getting your weight and dividing it by eight.

Sophie, Greytown

I have 5.625 litres of blood,
about 26,500,000,000 red blood cells. I think.


I have 5.06 liters of blood in my body
so I have about 25,200,000,000 red blood cells I think

Tig (greytown)

I have 5.07 litres of blood in my body (46 kilograms)

Kaden, Greytown

I have 7.18 litres of blood in my body
I think I have 323,100,000 red blood cells in my body

Week Three Day Two

Now heart beats. Find out how long the average human lives for and using resting beats per minute work out how many times a heart will beat in a lifetime. Now do the same for an elephant, a whale, a rabbit and a mouse.
http://www.newton.dep.anl.gov/natbltn/400-499/nb486.htm might help.
Write your answers here.

Josie Greytown

When we as humans are resting we pump about 4 litres of blood a minute. But when we run or do exercise of any sort it can raise to 27 litres of blood per minute. This means that we pump an average of 32 million litres of blood in a 70 year life time. A heart of a rat only pumps 0.05 litres of blood every minute. A rabbits heart pumps at 0.5 of blood a minute and a heart of a hosre pumps 20 litres of blood a minute {these are all when animals are resting.}


Tig (greytown)

Yaha 4 litres of blood a minute

Week Three Day Three

Finding out about tiny stuff!!
Read page 156 -177 of Big Numbers. Write down 3 things you learnt about atoms.
A couple of activities.
Read page 165. Your lung capacity is two thirds of an adults. Work with a partner to find out how many normal breaths you take in one minute. Time each other 2-3 times writing down the total each time. Find the average and use this for the exercise.
How many litres of air do you breathe in one minute? In an hour? In a day? In a week? In a normal lifespan (you have had information on this earlier)?
How long will it take for you to breathe the same volume of air as there was in the Hindenburg? (Page 25 of How Big?)
Using the information on page 165 can you work out approximately how many molecules of oxygen you breathe in with each breath? We are not going to try and work out how many that is in a lifetime – WOW that would be a huge number.
Put your three answers here

Josie, Greytown

I learnt that there is only 50 billion air molecles for each person alive today. This may seem alot but since we breath in about 288,886.5 molecules in each breath its not much at all.

Think about.
There are more molecules in a glass of water than there are glasses of water in the sea. Share this at home.

Week Three Day Four

Read page 55 of Big Numbers. Investigate catching a cold. Look at the size of the bacteria. How fast do they multiply? How many of these could be in your body at any one time?
Write your answers here.

Henry Martinborough: i figured out that i can have 60,000,000,000,000 bacterial cells
in my body at any one time. ^_^