Week One Day 2 Big Features in the World

Write a paragraph about one of the geographic features you researched, save it in your maths folder and then copy and paste it in here.

Week One Day 3 How Big is NZ?

Find a map of New Zealand online.Copy and paste it into a file. Research the length of NZ North to South using Google or an atlas or ...
Look at the picture of Olympus Mons in the How Big is it? book.
Use drawing tools to create a diagram that shows the size of Olympus Mons (p. 7) compared with New Zealand.
Now do the same with Valle Marineris (p. 41).
When you have finished take a digital photograph of your work and save it to your computer (My Pictures or the Desktop).
Now send it to Mr K ( innesk@werc.ac.nz ) as an attachment. He might have to make it smaller to fit!
Remember to put your name-school in with it - in the subject line would be good.

Daniel (Greytown)

Daniel sent me this - check out his measurements. What do you think?. Mr K
A slightly different one from Daniel

Madison, Greytown

The image “http://www.entropy.net/maps/olympus_mons-t.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
The image “http://www.entropy.net/maps/olympus_mons-t.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
The size of N.Z and Olympus mons

Sophie - Greytown

This is the size of New Zealand and Olympus Mons.




Emma, Greytown

Wow! I didn't realize how big things could get! And small - Nz isn't as big as I thought...

Dan Greytown

Holy shimoliz

Josie, Greytown


Sophie, Greytown


Kaden, Greytown



Wow,New Zealand is tiny compared too well alot of things.