Table of Contents

On this page we will put little help instructions on how to do things in our wikispace.

Putting our work in.

1 Do your work off line and save all of your work in a file in your maths folder on a school computer. Make sure your name-school is on its own line at the top.
2 When you have finished select all of the work that you want to put online and copy it.
3 Go online and use your password to log on.
4 Go to the the page that you need to put your work on.
5 Click Edit This Page
6 Put the cursor at the place where you want to put your work (usually right after the question that you have been exploring and after the work that others have put there.
7 Paste in your work
8 Select your name-school and go up to the Format box (it will usually have the word Normal in it) Normal.jpg
and using the little arrow go down to Heading 3 Heading_3.jpg
This will put your name in Bold and also into the Table of Contents.
9 Check that it all looks the way you want it.
10 As quickly as you can click Save
11 You should now see your name-school in Bold and in the Table of Contents which will be on the right hand side somewhere. When you revisit and click on your name in the Table of Contents it will take you straight to your work.This is a good way to take Mum and Dad there.