Notes to visitors

This is a collaborative space where the senior children (11-13 year olds) of five Wairarapa schools will be sharing their maths adventures over a period of 4-5 weeks. The focus of the unit of work is Measurement especially with big and small numbers. You are most welcome to browse the site. We would love feedback and suggestions. At this stage please email them directly to me at You can also email them to Miss Smith at Greytown.
The schools are Greytown, Martinborough, South End, Carterton and Hadlow.
Enjoy the journey through our thoughts.
Mr K.

Hi everyone (please explain this to your teacher)

This is the space we will be using to share some of our work as we look at measuring with big and small numbers. You will find a number of pages down the left hand side and at various times during the unit you will need to add things into the right spaces. You will be able to go back at any time and add to or change the things that you put in. We hope that you will read the work that others have shared - you can even add to their work or leave comments. Remember at all times that other people, even those outside our group, will be able to read what you have written. They will not be able to add things to it.
If you have used your User Name and Password to get in you will find a button that says Edit this Page on every page . This will let you add your work or change things - if you have developed things in a word processor you can copy and paste it straight in. Your teachers expect you to do most of your work off line and then when you are ready, copy it, come into our wikispace, click Edit, and paste it in. As soon as you have finished click Save so that others can come in to add their work. Please make sure that each piece of work has your first name and school in brackets at the top of it. E.g. (Gina - Greytown.).

Here are a few little things to remember!
Our wikispace is like a shared queue, there will be others waiting their turn so if you are editing a page, that's cool, but please click Save as soon as you are finished.

Make sure you put your name-school on each piece of work. Put it at the top of your piece of work on it's own line, just like the Hi everyone at the start of this section. Once you have put it in select just this piece of text and go up and change it from Normal to Heading 3. This will give us a Table of Contents and will help us find our way around our pages. This will help when you are going back and adding to your work - which is a GOOD thing to do.

Remember that this is a public space. Only you can change things (once you log in) but others including your parents can see your work (please take them in and show them). Check what you write before you copy and paste it in.

You will find a number of websites listed on various pages. These are linked to the work you are exploring. You should use this information to help you develop your ideas. At times you will have to search elsewhere on the internet. Please check with your teacher so you can share the rules about doing this.

Working together. For some of your work or on some days you might like to work with a partner. This is absolutely fine - it would be wonderful if you wanted to work with someone from another school (maybe in your inquiry). Please remember when you put your work on line to put both names at the top along with your school/s and make them Heading 3.

If you are excited or interested in what someone else has done, or you have something to add, or a question to ask then use the Edit button to put it on a new line at the end of their work. When you have finished this select your piece of text and change its colour - I am sure you will find out where - to something other than black, blue or red. This will let the owner of the work, and of course everyone else, see the comments you have made. Please put your name-school after your comment but don't make this one Heading 3.
I wonder what would happen if .........?
You need to set up files or folders on your computer to store the work that you are doing in each area. You must save all of your work onto your computer - only a bit of it will go online.

Things you need to do. In most cases the things you need to do are fairly obvious. Some of these will expect you to put things on line. In some cases I have underlined the instructions and when I have remembered I have put them in red. I have also tried to put an asterix (*) where you start adding your information.

Wondering about Numbers

You will be exploring all sorts of things about numbers during the four weeks of this unit. However I am sure you will come across other interesting things, When you do, make a short note about it. It might be a fact, a question, a wondering, a what if? Post it on the Wondering about Numbers page.

Do this first.

OK before you do anything else go to Day one reflections , copy and paste the questions into a file in your computer, answers the questions, save your work and then copy and paste it on to the site in the Day One Reflections page.

Our Four Week Unit

Each week has been divided into four days (to give you a chance to catch up, to go to Technology or rugby or...) and five strands.

The strands are:
  1. THE PIZZA This will be worked through with your teachers and will involve using the biggest pizza in the world as a way of looking at big and small things - you are lucky you don't have to eat the pizza!! You will be able to involve others in your school in this activity but remember we are talking about some really big/small things.
  2. BIG - SMALL A range of activities that explore numbers that relate to size.
  3. HOW BIG IS IT? You will have time to explore all sorts of interesting things in this book. Some will link to other work and some you can explore just because it is cool.
  4. HOW BIG - AOTEAROA / NEW ZEALAND? This will link some of the ideas from HOW BIG IS IT? to things in our own country. You will be doing quite a bit of figuring.
  5. POWERS OF TEN This strand will use a website that explores exponential numbers.

Now off to Week One Map